Tier 2

Cheap link juice by tiered link building

Tiered link-building is a tactic that’s used to boost the SEO value of your existing links by creating backlinks for your backlinks.

Set a budget, select Tier 2 links and power your link building campaign.

Perfect for

  • 1

    Boosting the value of purchased links

  • 3

    Stuck keywords

  • 2

    Better page indexation

Up to 30

of the budget
Experts allocate
for Tier 2 backlinks

and payment terms

Day charge. The cost for the link is indicated per month, and the payment is charged off daily.

Sape checks for links on the pages daily. You pay only for the days when the link was on the site.

Format features

  • Auto selection and placement
    Automatic selection of relevant sites with high DR, traffic and indexed links.
  • Right anchor list
    The system will generate a correct anchor list itself, suitable both for the promoted page and the donor.
  • Indexation check
    You do not need to monitor links indexation, Sape replaces non-indexed links automatically.
  • Auto mode
  • Indexing
  • Placement
Auto mode
by URL
New page
1 hour

The links will automatically appear in your project. Sometimes a webmaster moderates the links. It takes 7 days. If the webmaster does not moderate your application, the placement is automatically canceled.


Improve your link building performance smoothly growing the link juice. If you drop behind your competitors the tiered link building will help you boost your search engine rankings safely.

Tier 2 speeds up the indexation and the appearance of links in Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console.