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Place backlinks, monitor your backlink profile and make calculations in one click. Save time and money with Sape technologies.

15 minutes per month you spend on calculations and links placement and we take over the other routine.
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You spend 15 minutes a month on buying backlinks and calculations. Leave the hard work to us.

We save your money

We work with different types of users, payment systems, advertising platforms and currencies, and provide a single balance for all payments.

We provide installments and take payment only for the placed links.

If the link are deleted — we guarantee a 100% refund.

Up to 30

Sape users can save up to 30% of the budget due to high-quality placement and guaranteed high search engine rankings.

Getting started

  1. Sign up in the service
    The registration will take a couple of minutes
  2. Select the site pages
    that you want to promote
  3. Top up your account
    with a card or via any electronic payment system
  4. Specify the necessary metrics
    The system will show the relevant sites
  5. Select the donor sites
    The money will be automatically debited from your account.
    If the link disappears, we guarantee a 100% refund.


  • Link building for an educational site about Japan
    42k 61.2k
    Unique site visitors (March 20, February 21)
    12k 17k
    Visits per week (March 20, February 21)
    Full case study
  • Doubling of B2B traffic in agricultural machinery sales
    46 123
    Keywords in SERP-10 (August 20, February 21)
    100 350
    Visits per day, organic traffic (August 20, February 21)
    Full case study
  • 8.5x growth of garden equipment sales. UK
    270 2300
    Sales per month (March, May 2020)
    15% 70%
    Visibility by traffic in Google (March, May 2020)
    Full case study
  • 5x traffic growth due to the backlinks
    280 1400
    Traffic from Yandex (January, November 20)
    190 800
    Traffic from Google (January, November 20)
    Full case study
  • Hit to the SERP-10 in construction in 2 months due to link building alone
    77% 87%
    Keywords in the SERP-10 (December 19, March 20)
    35% 47%
    Keywords in SERP-3 (December 19, March 20)
    Full case study


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