Quick link building. The best price

Special place on a page: at the side or bottom.

The link is placed together with a text fragment (maximum of 150 characters).

If a block design is chosen, the text and link will be placed in the form of a catchy block as in PPC ads.

Perfect for

  • 1

    Quick start of a new project

  • 3

    Projects with falling number of backlinks

  • 2

    Limited budgets

  • 4

    Tiered link building

Up to 70

of the budget
Experts allocate for backlinks

and payment terms

Day charge. The cost for the link is indicated per month, and the payment is charged off daily.

Sape checks for links on the pages daily. You pay only for the days when the link was on the site.

Format features

  • Automatic placement of articles
    Just upload your articles to the system and select sites for posting
  • 40+ metrics
    To analyze and select pages that are more relevant to your niche
  • Cost-effective
    The minimum cost of placement can be a few cents per month. The average cost of placed links in the system is 15 cents
  • Automatic backlinks placement and settlement
    With the owners of the sites
  • Auto mode
  • Huge
  • Search
    by URL
  • Filter
  • Placement
Auto mode
by URL
New page
1 hour

The links will automatically appear in your project within an hour. Sometimes a webmaster moderates the links manually, it takes 1-7 days. If the webmaster does not place a link within a week, the application is automatically withdrawn.


Use Sape backlinks to quickly gain link mass and to overtake your competitors.

Add the most relevant sites to your Favorites — Speed up your work with your backlink environment.

Set up automatic or semi-automatic link building process. In automatic mode, specify the number of backlinks to each promoted URL, the frequency and parameters of the donor pages. In semi-automatic mode, the links will be placed only when you moderate them.