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We unite 60,000 advertisers and 15,000 webmasters all on one platform. We post 150,000 new links monthly

  • Extra income from your site
    Link building does not compete for ad space with ppc or display ads. This is additional income that the site can bring in to its owner. You can make money with any amount of traffic, subject and geo-location.
  • Automated technologies for increasing revenue
    A unique system of automatic link publication will allow you to set up the process once and start earning constantly. Automatic pricing based on site characteristics and demand allows you to maximize revenue with minimum effort.
  • All backlink types in one tool
    Choose the most suitable monetization options and mix the formats for the highest possible revenue
  • Complete placement control
    Filters, moderation of advertising materials and safe placement technologies will allow you to earn money on links without any risks. Choose the degree of control - from maximum speed with automatic placement to total control with moderation of each order.

Extra money from link building

Make money on your website.
Safe, comfortable, profitable.
More ways to monetize your site
We work with all existing types of backlinks, including unique ones. Choose a convenient format and place articles and ad units natively inscribed into the site's content.
15,000 webmasters
trust us
Setup and work assistance
A large number of reference materials, specially designed plugins for most CMS. Technical support experts will help resolve all issues and develop a profitable website monetization strategy.
700 USD
per month
average income of a webmaster in our system
Safety and security
Our technologies are built in such a way that all information about the site and its audience is stored in the system as securely as possible. Any attempts to hack are excluded and this is confirmed by many years of successful use of the system by tens of thousands of site owners. The sanctions from search engines are minimal, you yourself regulate the volume of posted links and can filter unwanted ads for you and your users.
15% of advertisers from the USA to Australia have already been working with us
Huge client base
Tens of thousands of clients, all leading agencies in Russia and the CIS, Europe and Latin America buy links from us. If you work directly with us, you save time and waste no money on the middleman. At the same time, we do not prohibit the use of other link building platforms and do not limit earnings from other sources of income.
150 000 requests for new links every month
Worldwide community
Tens of thousands of webmasters all over the world earn passive income from our system daily

Payouts within the day of request with no limits

Payouts at any time
No period limits
No minimum threshold
You set the payout amount yourself
No Extra Waiting
All your operations done quickly and on time

How to start

Register in the system
You will get access to your personal account and you can start working with the platform.
Add a site and confirm ownership
The system itself will evaluate the parameters of the site and offer the best price for selling links. You can also set your own price.
Choose the most convenient monetization options - the more you choose, the more you can earn
For automatic placement, you need to add the link code to the site pages. You can also post links manually (depending on the selected formats).


    Sponsored links (rel=”sponsored”) and Google

    Recently, Google has announced that it counts sponsored links / guest posts while ranking useful content. This proves once again that the link factor is key to Google ranking factors.

    Updated features of Sape: Ahrefs parameters in Links.Sape and PR.Sape

    In January 2021 we conducted a survey with over 400 respondents from Russia and the near abroad, including SEO experts (SEO agencies department heads, well-known optimizers and technology evangelists). Participants answered 29 questions about ranking factors, link building and search engine optimization trends.

    Google's December 2020 Core Update

    On December 3rd, Google announced that they were rolling out the latest Core Update. For two months SEO-specialists have received quite a lot of useful information. We gathered what is already known from public sources. The global conclusion: there is no way to pretend that nothing has happened.